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Tartas National Park (TANAP)


Tartas National Park, the oldest and the most visited national park, was established in 1949. This unique spot was filed into the list of biospheric reserves UNESCO in 1993. The High Tatras are part of Carpathian arc. They are subdivided to the High (26km), the Belianske (14km) and the West Tatras (37km). This park is visited by approximately 5 million people per year. If we sum the lengths of the tourist paths in TANAP it will form 600km.

The main attraction of the park is gorgeous nature. Thanks to the peak Gerlachovský štít (2655m asl) are the Tatras the highest range in Karpaty. Five biggest peaks of the High Tatras are the peak Gerlachovský štít (2655m), the peak Lomnický štít (2632m), the peak Ľadový štít (the Ice Peak) (2627m), the peak Pyšný štít (the Proud Peak) (2623m) and the peak Zadný Gerlach (the Hind Gerlach) (2616m). In the Tatras, due to effect of glacier action, mountain lakes – plesá – were created. There are 110 of them in the park. The greatest ones are Big Hincovo pleso in Mengusovská valley, Štrbské pleso in Mlynická valley near to the town region of Štrbské pleso and Nižné Temnosmrečianske pleso in the valley Temnosmrečianska dolina. Frequent tourists´ destinations are the waterfalls. Cataracts or Giant waterfalls on Cold brook are the most visited ones. The highest waterfall is Kmeťov vodopád on the brook Nefcerský potok. Its overall height is 80m.


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