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The Spišský Castle
Spišský hrad

The castle Spišský hrad belongs to the biggest castle complexes in the middle Europe and it was placed on the List of the world cultural heritage UNESCO. History of the castle Spišský hrad has begun since 11th century to 12th century. Around the first third of 13th century, an up-to-date round tower, a Romanesque palace and other parts of the upper castle were created. In 1443, the castle went into possession of Ján Jiskra from Brandýs. He set building up of the fortification of grand courtyard. Significant marginal year for the castle was 1464 when the castle changed its possessors and since then it has belonged to Zápoľský. It was modernized and built up to major extent. Since 1531, it has belonged to the family line of Turzovci. The upper castle is the most valuable part of the castle. There are original Gothic and Rennaisant living buildings of possessors and users of the castle modified into today’s sight-seeing planes. Behind the Gothic chapel from 15th century, there is the most valuable part of the castle, massive, originally three-storied Romanesque palace that was Gothically rebuilt in 15th – 16th centuries.

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Address: SNM-Spišské múzeum, Nám. Majstra Pavla 40, 054 01 Levoča

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