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Utorok, 26 marec 2019

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Jason Beckham    18 marec 2019 08:12
Defects are a reality of product development; teams can never guarantee that they won’t happen, but there are ways to reduce risk and correct defects quickly so they don’t significantly impact time or budget.
How Process Helps Avoid This

Bug reduction is inherently built-in to the agile squad methodology. Code reviews are done by developers, with the purpose of improving the quality of the code and identifying better ways to do things, ultimately enhancing the quality of the end product. Testing begins during development, meaning fewer defects when items are pushed to QA.
2. Overproduction
Overproduction is when you produce more than is necessary to achieve the desired outcome, or produce before there is a need. In app development, this typically manifests as extra features or functionalities. Overproduction is usually the result of inefficient planning processes or inability to prioritize effectively.
How Process Helps Avoid This

Using rolling-wave planning is one of best practices for eliminating overproduction. It involves delaying product decisions until you are in the best position to make them; consequently, you don’t build features or functionalities that are unnecessary. Ultimately, rolling wave planning allows flexibility, reduces risk, increases efficiency, and ultimately results in better quality products.


Rkman    26 február 2019 11:16
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Kiaan Roy    26 október 2018 05:51
Guests and BYOD users have it just as easy, but in this case Printer Mobile Printing solution relies on proven email-to-print technology. Instead of tapping the “Share” button and selecting a Printer printer, users simply email their chosen file to the networked printer’s dedicated address. This is a huge benefit to freelancers, consultants and temporary employees, who no longer have to install drivers or try to connect to network printers and hope they have access rights. It’s also a huge benefit to IT, since you no longer have to fret over device compatibility. If a user’s device can email, it can print.
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Kiaan Roy    13 september 2018 10:20
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Rkman Tiwari    03 august 2018 13:20
As a Feng Shui Consultant who frequently performs with Realtors, I have observed the horror stories of a sale about to become when a Feng Shui Consultant tells a new buyer that home won't support them.

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